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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

Have you noticed the newfound love of indoor plants in the most stylish of houses? We have – and you could say it has more than grown on us! 

Our recent promotion has highlighted the desire (or need!) for more pampering and relaxation in our lives. Whilst we simply love a day spa visit or time on the lounge with our feet up, we strongly believe there are other ways we can add calm and serenity to our lives - enter our lovely leafy friends.

Bringing the outdoors in has always been a popular way to fully embrace our Aussie lifestyle and breathe life into a space. Whether you live on a country estate or in a concrete jungle, the introduction of some green foliage will instantly transform your room.

So why the sudden love for indoor plants? Timing has a lot to do with it.

Just like people, some plants are ready to retreat from the outdoors before the cold snap arrives. They just want a cosy spot in your lounge, living, bath or bedroom where they can ride out the winter months. It is a great time to start to make this transition so your potted loves don’t go into shock at the sudden change in temperature and surroundings.

It is also believed that greenery is incredibly calming. It reminds us of nature, relaxation and taking a deep breath. In essence, they help us escape from our day to day chaos. 

Are you already rushing to your local garden centre to jump on board this rewarding trend?

In addition to the actual plant, there is a multitude of striking ways to display your indoor beauties too. Our favourites include the Olli Ella fair trade Belly Baskets made with natural seagrass or the bold and dramatic pot collection by Design Twins that are a feature in their own right! Have fun with different styles and colour to reflect your personal aesthetic.

Coming in all shapes, sizes and care needs – there is a plant for everyone and every house. Just remember – Water, Light and TLC and you will be calling yourself a green thumb in no time.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the addition of nature in your home. And if you still need some further relaxation have a long shower and wrap yourself in a luxuriously soft Sunday Minx towel!


Source: The Design Files | Ivy Muse | Ollie & Ella | Design Twins | Pinterest | Concept by Anna | Bloesem Living | Elisabeth Heier | Deko | l-e-a-b-o

Credits: Von Trueba Studio | Elisabeth Heier | Teksti Susanna

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