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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

It seems our level of busyness is fast becoming the socially acceptable response when asked about your wellbeing? The days of responding with how well you are or sharing a story have been replaced with a groan or excuse for why we are constantly rushing or neglecting the important things in life.

As Socrates say … “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”

Do we secretly enjoy being busy or are we all in need of some much needed relaxation and focus?

Sunday Minx recently ran a promotion offering our wonderful community the chance to win a pamper pack full of indulgences. Spa vouchers, soaps, candles, luxury bath towels and chocolates – a delight of treats to make the lucky winner feel extra special, relaxed and looked after.

We were overwhelmed with the response – especially by the number of people contacting us to say how much they needed some pampering in their lives.

It got me thinking …

Has the art of relaxation become lost in our day to day world?

Is being ‘busy’ the new social currency fuelled by being over-connected?

Why do we wear busyness like a badge of honour?

Perhaps saying we are busy helps us justify why we have a mountain of washing to fold, why we have eaten take-out three nights this week or why we haven’t returned that phone call to a friend we promised to do weeks ago?

Perhaps we are less efficient? Or are we over committed?

I remember when keeping a tidy inbox was the extent of our tech communication struggles. Now we manage email, Messenger, Google chat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Voxer and no doubt many other apps I’m just not cool enough to have discovered!

Or could the issue be that we have forgotten how to find those little moments of peace to find focus and instead we continue to get caught in the whirlwind of life?


I’m often asked why the first Sunday Minx collection was a range of luxury Bath Towels. My answer is two fold:

From a business perspective – I believed there was a gap in the market for high quality, beautifully designed bath towels. Towels are a product we use everyday – day and night – yet there were limited choices available for intriguing patterns, bold colours and superior quality. I wanted to change that.

From a personal perspective – I love the bathroom. The feeling of transformation that your bathroom provides is magical. Why wouldn’t I want to create a product that is part of this beautiful daily ritual?

A long, hot shower can be completely rejuvenating. It can kick start the day, give you a rare moment of solitude or can wash away a day of challenges. It is a cleansing place. It is the room my hair can go from being a wet mop to glam curls in minutes. It is where my face can go from ‘Oh Dear!’ to one that is ready to take on anything!

If our towels can become a simple pleasure within people’s daily bathroom habits and provide comfort, confidence and a small window of pampering, then we have achieved a big goal. 

So how can the bathroom help us to change our busy ways?

My yoga teacher said the simplest way to find daily focus and rebalance is to take a moment each time you have a shower. Take a deep breath, think of one thing you are grateful for and one thing you want to achieve. Allow the water to wash away any fears or insecurities and focus on setting your goal. Now go and make it happen. Seems simple doesn’t it?!?

I believe you should always practice what you preach and with complete transparency I can say I have been more productive, efficient and calm as a result of this little exercise. Try it for yourself!

If you are willing to take it a step further, start to schedule guilt free moments of pampering. Light a candle, give yourself a facial, indulge in some chocolate whilst you watch a classic movie … or just take a long shower and wrap yourself in a soft Sunday Minx towel afterwards!

At the very least, try to stop the glorification of busy and take a more creative approach to how you respond to loved ones who ask after you … even if it is just “I’m great thanks!”

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