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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

From time to time we all need a small nudge to justify a new purchase. Those few solid reasons that confirm we are making the right decision and it would, in fact, be a major disservice NOT to 'Add to Cart' ...!!!

(Are you getting a glimpse into my incredible talent of spending ... and justifying my spending?)

Many of you will be reading this as Sunday Minx has alerted you that it has been 12 months since you became a #minxmate and purchased some of our beautiful Bath Towels. How time flies when you wrap yourself in luxury each day!

In case you don't have new towels on the shopping list, here are a few reasons why perhaps you should consider an upgrade...


Buying quality materials over cheap imitations will always deliver a better user experience. In the case of Bath Towels, a quality towel will look after your skin, dry you efficiently and continue to stay soft wash after wash.

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a new towel - from the materials used to the weight and size of your towel - you should do some research to ensure you are making a purchase that you will thank yourself for later. Check out our guide for buying new towels so you can decide what is important for you.

Sunday Minx Bath Towels are made with 100% Turkish Cotton ranking them very highly in the softness stakes. Our towels stand the test of time and have proven to have longevity. Yet nothing quite beats the feeling of using a brand new, super soft bath towel for the first time ... can you remember that luxurious experience?!? Perhaps it is time to treat yourself once again ...

Our Bath Towels work hard! They are put to the test every day - often day and night. From a hygiene perspective, it is important that we are washing our Bath Towels regularly (click here to find out just how regularly that should be...) to keep them clean, bacteria free and doing their job.

We will however reach a point when we must farewell our dear bath towel and replace with new cotton and a new lease on life!

Does it bring you joy? I'm a huge advocate for making purchases that genuinely make you feel good. Sometimes it is the small daily indulgences that bring a smile to your face and provide renewed energy and vigour for the day ahead. For me, a relaxing shower and using one of our beautiful bath towels makes me feel special each and every day. 

As Mastercard would say:
Sunday Minx Bath Towel ... $69
Feeling of luxury each and everyday ... Priceless!

Change can be as good as a holiday! The beauty of soft furnishings like towels, cushions and throw rugs is their ability to quickly and effortlessly change the mood of your home through new colour combinations. 

Play with warm and cool tones in your home to create different moods that reflect the season or perhaps where you would rather be!


Whatever your reason, upgrading your Bath Towels is important and we would like to think Sunday Minx can help you in this process. We hope you love your first purchase and look forward to welcoming you back into the Sunday Minx Collective once again. Happy Shopping!


Images: The Style Curator & NR Bathroom Renovations

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