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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

Sunday Minx Winter Pamper Pack
The cooler months are officially upon us. The winter wardrobe has been called upon, hearty comfort foods are craved and the longing to stay in bed an extra hour is a very real struggle!
Embracing the season is essential and taking actions to look after yourself both inside and out becomes increasingly important. We gather our Top 5 ways to beat the Winter Chills and sale through the season with smiles on our faces!
1. Let there be Light
Never underestimate the warming power of a natural flame. The soft glow of a candle burning in the dark creates a comforting and relaxing ambience that warms the heart.
Combined with the ability to create nostalgia through the burning of a favourite scent, candles can transport you to another place.  Sophie & Spike have designed an array of beautiful scents taking you from a tropical beach in Asia to a camp fire in the woods! Grab a warm throw rug, light a candle and snuggle in for a cosy evening at home.
2. Warm up from the Inside
The delight of a warm, soothing, fragrant tea is an instant crowd pleaser and daily indulgence not to be missed. In the cooler months, what better way to warm the soul and recharge the energy tank than taking a much deserved moment for a cuppa.
We love Clean Tea whose products allow your love for a tea to be even more rewarding with their organic, vegan and handmade teas focused on improved health and wellness. With an extensive range of exotic and delicious flavours, including a choc range - yum yum - Clean Teas are guilt free and truly invigorating.
Clean Tea Choc Mint
3. Take a hot tub soak
Looking after your skin in winter is essential for good health. Icy temps, whipping winds and increased hours in heated air conditioned rooms all contribute to dry, dehydrated skin in need of some TLC.
Luxe Body & Bath offer a range of hand blended Luxe Bath Bags containing gorgeous pink Himalayan salt, high grade epsom salt and fragrant oils that soothe and nourish the skin whilst enjoying a hot soak. Cleverly packaged in a small bath bag (much like a tea bag!) the quality ingredients fill your bath (without the mess!) helping soothe and replenish your skin year round.
Luxe Bath & Body Bags
4. Wrap yourself in luxury
Post soak it is time to wrap yourself in a thick, luxurious Bath Towel. The quality of your bath towel not only feels like a simple life indulgence, but its also does wonders for caring for your skin. Towels that have hardened over time can have a scratching effect, further drying out your skin at a time when it needs gentle nurturing and moisture. 
Sunday Minx Bath Towels are made with 100% Turkish cotton known for its incredible softness and superior absorption qualities. With every wash they truly get softer and softer - looking after your skin.
5. When in doubt ... bed time!
Whatever your warming preference - a hot water bottle, electric blanket, multiple layers of blankets or snuggling a loved one, it is hard to debate the comfort and cosiness of our beloved beds! Why not head to bed earlier than usual and indulge in the health benefits of an extra few hours sleep when the temps outside drop. Do you really need convincing on this one?!
With these quick tips and beautiful products, you will feel pampered, relaxed and simply glowing!

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