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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

It is surreal to think my giant leap of faith began 5 years ago when we officially launched the Sunday Minx website and catapulted ourselves into the crazy world of owning a small business.

It has been 5 of the best years of my life! Whilst I've experienced some of the longest days and most challenging moments, the personal satisfaction and growth is like none I have experienced. Learning to back yourself, knowing who you can lean on and finding a balance to allow my creativity to match my business acumen has been unlike anything I have done before. 

I'm a fan of celebrating the smallest of wins, so for a special milestone like our 5th Birthday we decided to take a trip down memory lane and find photos capturing moments from the last 5 years that make us chuckle.

We hope you enjoy some of the behind the scenes snaps of the Sunday Minx journey as much as we do.

Searching for the perfect towel.
In 2015 the madness began! We knew we wanted amazing quality towels and finding the right cotton was vital to achieving this. So I jumped on a plane to Europe and met with hundreds of towel manufacturers to find the best one out there. I was a rookie, but I knew I what I wanted and was determined to find it!

One minute I was on a beach in 40 degree heat, two days later I was in Frankfurt, Germany in -4 degree snow flurries. I improvised my way through language barriers, shook off jetlag and quite possibly felt every towel ever made until I had the "found it!!" moment!

A cheeky trip to Austria, Paris and the UK seemed a necessary indulgence given the long flight too!

Those jet-lagged eyes after a huge day at the textile trade show and my efforts to find a beach despite the crazy chills!

The ship has arrived!
With no experience, but plenty of excitement and muscle power we headed to Port Botany to pick up our first shipment of towels! Yep - for some reason we thought we would collect pallets of stock ourselves!?!?
With Shane and my little bro there to do the heavy lifting, we drove our rattling rental truck to the gates of the port. We were amateurs in their finest hour. James forgot his licence so wasn't allowed access inside the gates, we didn't have a forklift, the pallets were too high for our truck so we had to split the palettes manually ... we experienced it all with smiles on our faces and proudly wearing our custom Tshirts!

PS - can you tell my hubby works in events and insisted on high-vis gear! Hahaha!

PSS - All subsequent shipments have been delivered directly to the warehouse. Lesson learnt!

Shane, James, myself and 1000000000000s of boxes filled with gorgeous new towels!

Behind the Scenes
Seeing a collection come to life is a delight. I was fortunate to work with some incredible stylists, photographers and designers who helped visualise the Sunday Minx vibe I was seeking.

Seeing them in their craft and being part of the process was an eye-opening experience. I now understand and really appreciate the hours, thought and care that go into every page of a magazine or campaign shoot. AMAZING!

Building sets, capturing the perfect shot and being thrown in front of the camera too! 


Trade Shows & Meeting Idols
Like many new businesses we hit the trade show circuit to show our wares and secure stockists. The people we met at these shows was an absolute highlight - many whom we are still in contact with today sharing updates and asking questions.

When Neale Whitaker stopped by to say hello all my Christmases had come at once!

Along the way I have been fortunate to meet and learn from other idols such as the incredible Taryn Williams and Darren Palmer. 

Bumping in at Life Instyle Melbourne 2017, the delightful Darren Palmer, getting to record a podcast for Xero with the amazing Taryn WIlliams and my all time fav Neale Whitaker stopping by to say hello at our trade stall.

The Block!!!
I remember the moment clearly. We were in Bathurst having spent the day at the 2016 Supercars Bathurst 1000 race. We were preparing a late BBQ dinner with mates ... and then my phone went into meltdown! In the space of 2 minutes, text messages and Messenger alerts flooded my phone telling me that OUR TOWELS WERE ON THE BLOCK!!! What a thrill!

I have loved watching The Block since Season 1 so for my creations to appear in not one, but THREE amazing room reveals over the years is a pinch myself moment.

Room reveals featuring Sunday Minx Bath Towels and a happy snap with my mate Keith! 

Within the pages of interior bibles!
I still pinch myself when Sunday Minx products are featured in the pages of Interior Magazines, newspapers, websites or blogs. To see my creations listed as a "must have" product is an absolute honour.

Some of our cherished editorial. A special thanks to InsideOut Magazine who have been an incredible supporter since Day 1.

Mini Minx Arrives
Our duo became a trio in 2018 and Mini Minx was born ... both in the flesh and as a new product line.

Eden Summer joined the team just before Christmas in 2018 and changed life as we knew it. Her cheeky nature and our desire (like all new parents) to literally wrap her up in only the best, led to the first Mini Minx Baby Bath Towel for Sunday Minx. Eden scored her first modelling gig and proudly became the face of our new collection in 2019.

The Sunday Minx gang growing! 

Admittedly we don't seem to capture those moment of despair, that sinking feeling in your stomach when you realise you have made a mistake, the late nights on the laptop or the ekkkk occasions when sales that month weren't as you had planned. I can assure you these hiccups all happen and will no doubt continue to happen. Yet the good moments all outweigh the challenging times and the personal achievement, satisfaction and lifestyle flexibility I am fortunate to enjoy make this adventure an absolute pleasure to be on.

None of my Sunday Minx accomplishments would be a reality without the support and love of my Mr Minx. Shane has been there every step of the way encouraging and cheering me on.  Similarly my amazing family and friends keep the creative ideas flowing and the laughs plentiful. Thank you!

Most importantly - THANK YOU to our gorgeous customers! I love each and every person who has added a Sunday Minx splash of colour and touch of luxury to their stylish bathroom.

Cheers to the next 5 years and beyond!
I can't wait!
Brooke xxx

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