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The welcoming of the New Year presents an opportune time to invigorate and refresh your home ready for the year ahead. 

So why not commence the year dedicating some attention to your beloved dwelling? Create a space that is a delight to spend time in and exemplifies the lifestyle you want to lead. Your home should be a reflection of who you are and evolve as you do. It should be your sanctuary. A place you can unwind, entertain and find contentment.

In the same way we use fashion to communicate our desired persona, we strongly believe that your interior space should also emulate your chosen style. Interior design is an amazing outlet for personal expression. There is an abundance of trends and inspirations that will continually challenge and excite you. Monochromatic, minimal interior styling is very much in vogue, so we have curated some lust-worthy inspiration images to help get your creative juices flowing!

Still not sure where to start? Here are our top 5 tips to refresh your home for the New Year, bringing life, personality and passion to your humble abode.


Identify your style and find the look that makes you say, Wow! Forget ocean views and grand staircases. Look for colour palettes, textures and expressions of personality that define the interior aesthetic you dream of. Inspiration sources are endless. Pinterest and Instagram are our favourite sources for interior inspiration. Be open to losing yourself for a few hours as you get lost in the beautiful imagery. Once you have your mood board, make a list of must have items to get the look.



Simplify! Welcome a sense of calm into your home by creating more physical space and reducing visual noise. The art of minimalism is a challenge, yet once achieved allows you to appreciate the things you do have. To avoid being overwhelmed, start with a single room. We like to follow the Double D rule when doing a house cleanse – Donate or Dispose. The results will be so motivating you will eagerly move to the next room until your entire house is radiating a fresh glow.



Ignite the senses. Candles, fresh flowers and natural sunlight will make your rooms feel welcoming and cheerful. Invest in quality candles and light them regularly, the scent will begin to linger and you will be welcomed by the fragrance the moment you open the door. Much like choosing a favourite perfume, your home also has a characteristic fragrance. Amalfi Coast by  Glasshouse  Fragrances has long been a great go to scent, whilst we love the design aesthetic of the SOH Melbourne candle ranges for a chic and stylish addition to the coffee table. Local markets or green grocers are a great way to find affordable blooms. Look for small bouquets or statement greenery for your kitchen bench or coffee table. They will add a subtle yet personal touch. It's the small details that make all the difference.



If you choose to invest in new furniture, think neutrals. Muted tones, simple lines and organic shapes will prove the test of time whilst still being contemporary. For the Nordic look, find items with accents of organic materials - wood, concrete, marble or metals. To give life and warmth to your key pieces, layer, layer and layer! Natural textiles of cotton, linen, leather and fur provide texture, colour and visual stimuli. Cushions and throw rugs are a personal favourite for a quick and easy overhaul you can never have too many cushions and their ability to transform a room in seconds is always a delight.



Make your space personal. Interior vignettes are small, decorative clusters of objects arranged to be pleasing to the eye. Ideal for showcasing personal items collected on trips, gifts, photos or inspiring books, vignettes make your house a home and will add polish and personality. Look for flat surfaces and choose items with interesting shapes and complimentary colours or themes. Play with varying heights, textures and spacing until you perfect your display. We regularly use beautiful coffee table books and picture frames within our vignettes. Not only do they look fantastic, but they may prove to be a great conversation starter with guests! Investing time reinvigorating your personal space will reward you every time you walk through the front door. Express yourself and enjoy showing off your unique and fabulous style!

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