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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

It is difficult not to fall in love with the Parisian way of life. Effortless, chic and with a classic sophistication that exudes confidence, the French appear not to sacrifice style for anything!

Sunday Minx HQ has currently relocated to the heart of Paris to absorb that unique design ‘flair’ that Europe delivers. Our mission to find superior materials and cutting edge designs is well and truly underway.

Whilst we adore the care-free and colourful design aesthetic of the Australian lifestyle, we can’t help but get swept away with our surroundings and marvel at the beauty of French design.

It is apparent there is not just one style that Parisians take their cue from. The blend of traditional and modern, contemporary and classic keeps designs interesting and delivers results that range from supremely elegant to brilliantly daring!

In our opinion, the Top 3 characteristics of beautiful Parisian design are:

1. A Pale Palette
Parisian interiors tend to keep things light and bright. Neutral colours of white, cream, mushroom and taupe keep spaces open and grand. Furniture and tasteful accessories are used to infuse rooms with pops of colour to give a contemporary edge, however neutral backdrops give an understated elegance.


2. The Old and the New
Traditional pieces offset with modern design create an eclectic, yet chic, mood if done correctly. French styling is all about incorporating the old with the new - paying homage to their rich history whilst showcasing their modern eye for detail.


3. Let the Light In
The iconic French window! By far our favourite characteristic of Parisian design, the natural light that floods a room from these floor to ceiling beauties is unrivalled. A delight unto itself.



For more inspirations of Parisian interiors, discover our Pinterest board OH LA LA

Au Revoir!

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