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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

Few of us anticipated that hand sanitiser would become part of our daily routine, yet the reality is 'sanny' is very much part of life and is here to stay.

Whilst a commitment to our health and hygiene is absolutely necessary, it seems dry, chemical smelling hands are a consequence of this new regime. Until now ...

I was recently introduced to Have A Nice Day (H.A.N.D) Goods who have dared to challenge the hand sanitiser norm creating a truly luxurious product. Promoted as 'a hand sanitiser for people who don't like hand sanitiser,' H.A.N.D effortlessly blends science and nature to create a product that is a joy to use.

Samantha Taylor is the creator behind this fab new brand and a guru in the fragrance and beauty product sector. Joined by Carmel Morganti who oversees Marketing Strategy and knows how to sell ice to eskimos, these ladies are fun, vibrant and the type of people you would love to share a vino with (from a socially acceptable distance of course!)

There are so many things I love about this product over and above the fact it has answered my woes of having to use a chemical smelling sanitiser, however three benefits particularly stood out:

1. It is Good for You - knowing this product was made with the intention to use natural botanic ingredients selected to hydrate the skin and limit exposure to nasty chemicals (whilst still exceeding the WHO recommended ethanol limit for an effective sanitiser) speaks volumes to the care and thought put into this product.

2. It is Good for the Environment - I was horrified to think how many extra plastic bottles will be headed to landfill as a result of the massive surge in sanitiser use. H.A.N.D uses beautiful glass tubes that can be refilled!

3. It is Good for Aussie business - supporting a local business is a huge win. As a small Aussie business owner myself, anyway that we can support one another is a huge win in my eyes.

Now that you are all in love with H.A.N.D, allow us to introduce you to the wonderful women behind the brand..We chatted to Sam and Carmel about their love of fragrances and how 2020 has motivated them to start something completely new!

Sam, tell us about your wonderful career as a fragrance guru?
Sam: I like to describe myself as a fragrance specialist whose passion for artisan perfume knows no bounds. I love helping people and brands create and bring to life their fragrance and beauty concepts. I've worked across Europe and Australia for more than 25 years exploring the many facets of the perfume and beauty industries. I run a boutique consultancy, The Powder Room, with clients ranging from artists to airlines, fashion designers to skincare brands. It is a lot of fun!

I create perfume and beauty products for brands, so I look for the best products on the market, they must have quality ingredients, look good and of course, smell beautiful.  I couldn't find a sanitiser that I would buy or recommend to clients and friends, so I decided to create my own. I worked with a cosmetics formulator, a long term collaborator, to create a new kind of luxury hand sanitiser. One that is effective, will care for your hands and would offer a beautiful sensory experience. 

Did lockdown inspire you to do anything new?
Sam: Yes! I created Have a Nice Day Goods (H.A.N.D)! When the use of hand sanitisers was being recommended, I didn’t like what was available so I made my own. Friends told me that they loved my product and Carmel said I was on to something, so I decided to launch it as a brand. I also created another brand with a friend that we hope to launch in summer so it has been a busy time.

I started with good intentions to eat well and not drink too much and do an online dance class. Yeah ... nah that didn’t happen.

What did lockdown look like for each of you?
Sam: At first, there were quite a few 4 letter words uttered. My perfume masterclasses were all cancelled and most of my product development projects were put on hold - so it was pretty scary for a while. Once I created H.A.N.D I was going into my studio and working every day so it gave me something to focus on. Carmel and I talked every day and brainstormed how we could get H.A.N.D onto everyone's hands.

The most challenging part was not being able to see my friends, I live and work on my own, which I actually love, but I live for Happy Friday drinks with friends.

Carmel: Lockdown looked a lot more crowded at my place (and space), with my Husband working from home and my teenage daughter home schooling. After the initial upheaval of getting the desk to people ratio right, which saw me relegated to the kitchen table, it turned out to be a pretty special time for our little family where we all became a little closer and less rushed.  That being said, it was my dog Maisie that loved locked down the most, as she got lots of extra attention and walks.

What is your personal go-to fragrance style for beauty products?
Sam: It depends on the product. For a fragrance to work well in a product it has to be congruent with the function and the appearance, as well as provide a sensory moment for the customer. I have a hair oil that is scented with Amber which I love, and I have an unnatural addiction to rose, if its rose scented, I need it. My friend Joel and I often travel together, and he just shakes his head at me as I steer him into beauty and food stores in search of my next rose fix. I can sniff out a rose cocktail or sweet from miles away! That’s why we have Rose and Kunzea in the H.A.N.D range, and we use only the best Bulgarian Rose oil.

Carmel: Similar to Sam, I am a sucker for anything Rose scented with Jo Molone’s Roses one of my favourite signature scents.  Other than that I like lite and fresh floral scents in my skin and hair care.

Carmel, What is your favourite part of marketing new brands?
Carmel: I love the opportunity to give a new brand meaning, life and colour to a Founder’s creative vision and communicating that to the marketplace for the first time. I love getting to the heart of a new brands Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and then building an engaging brand story around it and sharing it across multiple channels and touch points.

With H.A.N.D bringing the brand story to life was pure delight.

H.A.N.D was born out of a positive and authentic desire to elevate the new everyday necessity of using hand sanitiser into a premium sensory experience. Its UVP is specifically designed to pamper your hands not just protect them, while also being kind to the planet. As a disruptor in the category, H.A.N.D’s marketing needed to reflect this, so the priority is always to be stylish, colourful, inclusive, sustainable, positive and quirky in all the messaging, imagery and partnerships we create.

Sam, Tell us about a career highlight you are really proud of?
Sam: It's not one specifically, more about when I see products I have created go out into the world and watch their success. Products I have created have been industry disruptors and won so many beauty awards. I love reading people's response to the perfumes I have created. One brand I worked with have just released two products I created that I am particularly proud of.

For more details about the ingredients used and stunning scents available in this range, check them out in our store!

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