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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

From that very first baby bath in hospital guided by our midwife to the tidal waves of fun we experience today; Bath Time has always been an enjoyable and cherished moment of the day and continues to evolve and change as our little one gets older.

My desire to make bathroom decor and experiences the best they can possibly be has extended to also asking questions about how to make baby bath time as enjoyable as possible too. I have chatted to midwives, nannies and other parents and identified four awesome tips for making baby bath time fun for all involved!

1. Temperature
Don't forget little people are far more sensitive to temperatures than we are. Think about both the air and water temperature when setting up bath time; whether it be in your bathroom, kitchen, dining table or on the floor. 

Aim for a lovely warm water temperature of roughly 38 degrees. The best way to test is dipping your elbow in the water. If it feels warm, not hot, you have a winner!

2. Creating Routine ... or Rituals!
I dislike the word 'routine' yet have learnt it is now very much part of life. Eden is a creature of habit (or perhaps a mini control freak like her mother!) and by creating a routine we found her enjoyment levels sky rocketed. 

Think about the order you do things and when bath time takes place. Is it morning or night? Before or after dinner? Try and keep this somewhat consistent including the actions during bath time - undressing, cuddles, dipping toes in water, splashing time, gentle wash from head to toe, drying, massage etc. Try to do things in a similar way each time, without becoming a robot and losing the magic of the moment!

The rituals we have created from this advice have resulted in a happy and calm little cherub who takes delight in telling us what to do next. How the tables have turned!

3. Sing, Talk and Play
Not only is bath time a great moment for parents, but it should also be a load of fun for bubs! In the early months of life, I'm told a bath is the closest sensation babies experience to being back inside the womb. How comforting this must be as they adjust to the sounds and sensations of such a busy world earth-side. As they grow, bath time and the fascination of water play will hopefully have you hearing shrieks of delight and chuckles that make your heart sing. 

Singing songs or lullabies, talking about the activities of the day or having some bath toys is another great way to interact and share this time with your little person. Our bath time toys have rapidly expanded from a lone duck to now housing an entire zoo of animals, bath books and bath stickers. After a day at work this can be a beautiful, uninterrupted time to interact and play together.

4. Think Ahead
We have all done the bath mat shuffle across the bathroom floor to get the bath towel we forgot to pick up prior to our shower or bath; or worse ... the sprint to the linen cupboard! With bubs, thinking ahead is key and having everything you need post-bath time is really important so they don't get cold, distracted and upset.

Gather everything you need prior to bath time - towel, lotions, PJs, nappy, brush ... oh to be pampered like a baby is every day!

Need a great towel? You have asked the right person! Our Mini Minx Baby Hooded Bath Towel was designed to be super soft on baby skin, super absorbent to ensure they dry quickly and functional with a hooded design to easily wrap little people up and keep them warm. Made with 100% Turkish Cotton and generously sized, this towel will become a favourite part of your bath time ritual.

I would love to hear your bath time experiences, tips and tricks too!

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NB. Please note these tips are from personal experiences and conversations and are not based on formal studies or research. Please ensure safety measures are always followed when you have babies near water and they are never left alone or unattended.

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