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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

Much like perfecting the art of styling a bed or layering cushions on the sofa, there are many ways our trusty Bath Towels can be displayed in our bathrooms to add a sense of luxe, fun or practicality.

We detail our 6 favourite Bath Towel styling tips - from functional, decorative, portable and glamorous - we have no doubt you will find one that will bring your bathroom and Bath Towels to life.


1. The Bath Towel Rack

Bath Towel Styling - Towel Rack

Portable and convenient, the Bath Towel Rack is ideal for adding some height to your bathroom fixtures and layering towels. Plus it can easily be transported from room to room, house to house or indoors to outdoors.

Featuring: The Webster Bath Towel


2. The Bath Caddy

Bath Towel Styling Tips - Bath Caddy

A stunning styling accessory for all those bathrooms with a freestanding bath. The perfect place to arrange a Hand Towel, plant and pampering accessories.

Featuring: SHADOW Hand Towel & CHILL Bath Towel


3. The Vanity Drape

Bath Towel Styling - Vanity Drape

This one is more practical for the Powder Room or Guest Bathroom. This styling adds a touch of colour and softness to the vanity space.

Featuring: SPICE Hand Towel


4. Mix & Match

Bath Towel Styling - Mix & Match

We are a big fan of Mixing & Matching Bath Towels. Contrasting colours and patterns create interest to the eye. This is also great for identifying who owns which towel!

Featuring: SPICE Hand Towel & SHADOW Bath Towel


5. The Towel Rail

Bath Towel Styling - Towel Rail

The trusty towel rail is by far the most popular way in which to display your towels, for good reasons too.  Hanging your Bath Towel across a Towel Rail assists with drying your towels quickly, keeping them fresh and longer lasting.

Featuring: The Breakwater Bath Towel


6. The Roll & Store Method

Bath Towel Styling - Storage

It never hurts to have extra towels around the bathroom. There is nothing worse than hopping out of a hot shower and discovering someone has cleared all the towels! Belly Baskets are aesthetically pleasing and a great way to store extra towels. Just roll and store.

Featuring: CHILL Bath Towel


We love seeing how our wonderful customers style their Sunday Minx Bath Towels in their bathrooms. Be sure to share with us on social media tagging @sunday_minx so we can be delighted by your stylish bathroom spaces.

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