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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

There has always been a fascination to see inside the homes of the celebrities we love and adore. Being bathroom lovers, Sunday Minx wanted a cheeky viewing of celebrity bathrooms in particular.

Behold our findings!

They are grand, opulent, some styled with refined simplicity and others bold, daring and fabulous! Whatever your preferred style, sit back and enjoy the tour...


Cindy Crawford
Location: Mexico

Cindy Crawford Bathroom

Cool, calm and understated. Cindy allows her ocean views to be the hero with large windows and an outdoor shower. Oversized artwork with accents from outside creates a seamless indoor/outdoor vibe. Quite a treat!


Leonardo DiCaprio
Location: Palm Springs

Located in Palm Springs you would expect a celebration of colour. Leo certainly embraces vibrancy with blue mosaic tiles floor to ceiling.  Unusual placements of mirror sink and shelves ... yet when in Palm Springs - why not!?!


Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi
Location: Beverly Hills

These women clearly have impeccable taste. Simplistic in its design, yet grand in quality. The muted natural tones and clever use of limestone create a calm space with spa like qualities.  The amazing glass shower features a huge skylight above allowing natural light to pour in. Devine!


Meg Ryan | Naomi Watts
Locations: Beverly Hills | New York

From East side to West side - these two bathrooms range from Country Chic to City Glamour.

Meg Ryan (left) prefers a bathroom with views of nature, french windows and classic tapware in this beautiful Beverly Hills retreat.

By comparison, Naomi Watts (right) brings the glitz and glamour of NYC to life in this elegant bathroom of monochrome colours offset with gold. 


Jennifer Aniston
Location: Beverly Hills

Complete with spa bath and soaking tub, Jennifer Aniston's bathroom resembles a delightful spa house nestled in the rainforest of Bali! Layered with rich wood , outdoor area and Buddha monuments, we know why she looks so good all the time!


Bill Willis (Yves Saint Laurent Designer)
Location: Marrakech

Perfectly suited to the surrounds of Marrakech, this vibrant bathroom celebrates colour and pattern in a bold way, yet maintains sophistication and elegance with locally inspired tiling, lighting and tapware.


So who owns the stunning bathroom at the beginning of this article ...???

Beyonce & Jay Z
Location: Beverly Hills

No doubt just one of the many bathrooms Beyonce and Jay Z call home - this one is AMAZING!

With sweeping views over the entire city, marble bath and bench tops, a floor plan that flows seamlessly into the bedroom and sitting area and so ... much ... space!! This bathroom is A grade!


Well now that we know how the rich and famous live, our own bathrooms may look modest in comparison. Why not add some Sunday Minx Bath Towels to your space? Designed to add colour and luxury to every stylish bathroom, we will have you wrapped in luxury in no time!


Image Source: Elle Decor | Architectural Digest | Refinery 29

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