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✗ DO YOU KNOW THE 60/30/10 RULE?

Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

Our friends at Northern Rivers Bathroom Renovations know their craft and are always wowing us with stunning Before and After Bathroom reno reveals.

As experts in the business, they share some of their tricks of the trade ... including the 60/30/10 Rule for bathroom renovations.

Have you heard of it?

Allow NR Bathrooms to explain ...

"To create a well balanced bathroom we must introduce the 60/30/10 Rule. It is an easy to follow approach that designers from all over the world use.

60% is the main or primary colour for your bathroom. This will usually be your walls and ceiling.

30% is the secondary colour. This will often be the floor, vanity or floor plus a feature wall.

10% is the accent colour. This will usually be towels, wall art, plants or a tile feature."

It is amazing how a few guidelines can provide so much direction and take away some of those overwhelming feelings that can occur when you first start a reno. A huge thank you to NR Bathrooms for sharing some valuable insights.

Obviously the 10% factor is where Sunday Minx comes to the party! We know a lot of people lean towards neutral colours for major investments like bathroom tiles as they often deliver longevity. The splash of vibrant colour delivered by beautiful, luxurious bath towels can be the finishing touch your bathroom needs for that final wow factor.

Which coloured Sunday Minx Bath Towel is your bathroom calling for??!!

Be sure to check out more of the work that NR Bathrooms does via their Instagram page - you will love the Before & After reveals!

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