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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

With 2019 just around the corner, new seasonal trends and style predictions are being discussed by those with their finger on the pulse.

As advocates of colour, one of our favourite reports is the annual Colour Forecast produced by the experts at Dulux. Filled to the brim with stunning palettes and colour combinations, their magazine 'FILTER' is a triumph for your eyes!

"When the world is so busy and the influences so many, how do we filter out the noise and focus on what matters?

Madame Mauve - Dulux 

Within FILTER, four major themes are discussed - each with a broad palette and suggestions for successful colour combinations to create a perfectly balanced room. The results are beautiful!

Bathrooms are often neglected when taking a colour palette throughout a house, yet we demonstrate below three of our favourite Dulux trend forecasts and how the Sunday Minx's Deco District Collection can effortlessly carry your 'happy colour' into your bathroom too.

Repair is all about reconnecting with nature and creating a carefree existence.

The soothing tones of nature and earth often remind us to take a deep breath and switch off whilst encouraging an optimistic outlook of the world.

The mixing and matching of old and new creates an eclectic and homely environment with the addition of soft textures - wood, linen, cotton and wool - to create a boho vibe.

Carry this look through to your bathroom with The Webster Bath Towel featuring a stunning emerald green hue perfectly paired with earthy tones and soft foliage.


The Legacy trend takes inspiration from a range of eras and styles. It successfully blends traditional features using them in a bold, contemporary way.

We particularly love that this trend pays homage to the past and doesn't get swept up in only looking towards the future. Much like our Deco District Collection - we pay our respect to the Art Deco era in a modern and dynamic way.

The Legacy colour palette ranges from royal blues, sophisticated lilacs, and royal reds. Pink hues also continue to be popular proving they are far more than a passing fad.

Our Breakwater Bath Towel oozes the sophistication and elegance of the Legacy theme.


Show us the real you!!!

The trend is bold, bright and fun. Identity is for the radical, non-conformists among us who live loud and proud and throw out the rule book.

Dulux reminds us that you don't need to colour every wall to make an impact. Choose smaller architectural details that will become a feature in their own right.

Artwork, rugs and soft furnishings are the key to a modern, eclectic look. Anything goes so throw caution to the wind and live on the wild side with bold, adventurous colours complimented with softer, pastel tones.

Get the look in your bathroom with our McAlpin Bath Towel in all its vibrancy!


For more inspiration be sure to check out FILTER - the Dulux Colour Forecast 2019 Magazine - you will be spoilt for choice!

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