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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

The perfect bathroom often conjures images of bright, white, airy spaces. 
Of long baths with no interruptions.
A day spa atmosphere overlooking a tropical rainforest.

Or perhaps the dream is that your bathroom would magically clean itself?!

Let's face it - the bathroom is a seriously hard working room in the house complete with plenty of icky mess requiring a lot of elbow grease to keep it spick and span.

Whilst Sunday Minx would prefer to focus on the glamours of styling and on-trend colours, the harsh reality is Bath Towels get a major workout each and every day and we need to be aware of the importance of washing our bath towels REGULARLY!

We conducted a quick poll that revealed most people (61% in fact) wash their towels after 2-3 uses. Well done Sunday Minx gang! Yet larger studies have suggested the majority of us wash our towels once per week.

For the one shower a day folk - that is after 7 uses.
For the morning and night shower lovers - that is after 14 uses ... oh dear.

So how often should we be washing our Bath Towels?

Experts say .... our Bath Towels should be washed after 2-3 uses MAXIMUM! Ideally they should be washed every day - YES - every day. 😮

Whilst this may seem highly inconvenient and unnecessary, the reason for this recommendation is alarming. In short ... our Bath Towel can be a breeding ground of bacteria, cellular debris (ie. dead skin cells) and a whole bunch of other things we will broadly describe as "germs".

A recent study undertaken at the University of Arizona revealed that 90% of Bath Towels had traces of coliform bacteria (ewwwwwwwww!!) and in as little as two days your bath towel has become home to inhabitants that are certainly not welcome housemates and most definitely not what you want to be putting near your face.

When we stop to consider this truth, it makes sense. Bathrooms are full of water, warm temperatures and oxygen - the food for germs & bacteria to multiply quickly.

So how can we prolong the lifespan of our Bath Towels, avoid creating a germ factory and not live our lives in the laundry? Here are 5 easy tips:

  1. Drying is essential. Damp towels will quickly become musty and breed germs. Hang them in an airy place or alone on a towel rail.
  2. Reduce moisture. Put the fan on whilst showering to avoid creating 'The Steam Effect.' This will reduce the growing environment for those nasty germs and dry the moisture in the air.
  3. Materials matter. The cotton your towel is made of makes a difference. Towels with long fibres will dry quicker and hold less water. Wink wink - Sunday Minx has you covered here. Turkish Cotton is known for being highly absorbent, super soft AND fast drying. We chose this cotton for a reason!
  4. Hot Wash. When cleaning your towels, wash them at a high temperature to kill any bacteria that wants to call your towel its home.
  5. Rotate. Have enough towels to allow a good rotation throughout the week and wash them all at once at the end of the week. Time saving genius! Plus it is fun to try new colours every few days to keep things interesting.

Now you have the facts we expect your Bath Towels will make a visit to the washing machine far more regularly. 

Fancy upgrading to Turkish Cotton .. choose your favourite design and colour and we will look after the rest!

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