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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

The Webster Bathroom

Our bathrooms get a real workout - in many ways they are the hardest working room in the house. Therefore, our bathrooms should be styled in a way that has you bouncing out of the shower ready to take on the world. Β They should invigorate and recharge you!

Colours play a big part in influencing our mood. By surrounding ourselves with our favourite colours, our mood can also be altered and encouraged.

The Webster Bathroom is a sanctuary of greenery and calm. It is a tranquil space taking inspiration from a spa in a tropical rainforest ... πŸŒ΄πŸ˜‰πŸ’š

Green Bath Towels

If green is your go-to colour, or you need to encourage some calm into your world, then The Webster Bath Towel Collection is made for you!

To compliment your beautiful, soft Bath Towels, we suggest 3 easy styles to enhance The Webster Bathroom look. Think natural textures, a bit of bling and bringing the outdoors in...

Natural textures compliment The Webster Bath Towel

Styling The Webster Bath Towel


If you are in need of more Webster inspired bathroom spaces, visit our Pinterest board full of green delights, gold hints and natural textures.

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