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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

Long may the geometric trend reign!

The sharp angular shapes and bold patterns created by the geometric aesthetic are often thought to be a passing trend. We tend to disagree.

The use of geometrics is a timeless style that has stood the test of the ages. A brief look throughout architectural and interior design history will quickly reveal the versatility and longevity of these visually interesting shapes.

Used in design as far back as Ancient Greece and Morocco, through to angular structures in the 1900s and the groovy vibes of the 70s – geometrics have been influencing interiors for many years and show no sign of disappearing.

Sunday Minx have always been ambassadors of the use of geometrics. Our debut collection is evidence! Combining bold colours and geometric shapes largely inspired our first designs. However it is the endless ways in which geometrics can be incorporated into design and its chameleon-like characteristics that allow it to blend with any particular design style, that has us gushing.

Polished parquetry floors, unique tiling or angular walls and roofing will infuse geometrics into your home for the long term.

Others may prefer to create a dramatic feature wall or use furniture to create angular beauty.

For the subtle ones amongst us, choices in soft furnishings, ornaments and light fixtures are plentiful whilst still creating visual impact.

Whether you seek bold, eye catching pattern or prefer angles subtly incorporated into furniture and design. The options are endless and highly personal.

Obtuse, acute or just off-centre - go and find your geometrics flair!

For more Geometric design inspiration, explore our ✗ GEOMETRICS Pinterest board!

All images sourced from Pinterest.

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