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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

Sunday Minx Bath Robes

Finding Bath Robes that captured our love of both bold colours and quality craftsmanship was important when we were expanding our range beyond Bath Towels. 

Our appreciation for the knowledge and experience that Turkey brings to towel production allowed us to connect with a number of Turkish based businesses who take great pride in the work they do. We were fortunate to find a beautiful producer who still practices the ancient handcraft of shuttle looming that really captured our attention. Old shuttle looms are no longer produced meaning there are limited manufacturers who still use this technique to produce their wares.

Using Turkish Cotton known for its softness, absorbency and fast drying properties, Sunday Minx Bath Robes bring together quality cotton with a high artisanal experience. 

Turkish Cotton

The preparation process for making our Bath Robes begins with the old shuttle looms being set-up by hand. This involves thousands of yarn reels placed in a specific order ready for the warp to ensure the robe pattern and colours are exactly as desired.

Making Bath Robes

The pattern is created by an intricate and delicate process, again set up and prepared by hand. Each time a change occurs in the pattern, further time and craftsmanship is required to make it perfect.

It is said that the noise created by the shuttle loom is enchanting and the small villages that are known for their use of old hand looms have a special music that floats through the air! Magic!

Making Bath Robes

The end result is a beautiful Bath Robe to enjoy morning to evening with the knowledge it has been lovingly handmade using ancient techniques. 

Our Bath Robes are one size fits most and whilst they are generous in size, the sleeves can be effortlessly rolled up and the matching waist tie will keep the robe snug to your preferred fit. 

As the cooler months approach you will love the weight and warmth these robes provide. Fashion and function delivered together - what more could you want!?!

Sunday Minx Bath Robes will keep you stylish from sunrise to sunset!

Sunday Minx Bath Robe

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