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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

Just when you thought that babies couldn't possibly live a better life, Sunday Minx has taken baby luxury to a new level!

It is an absolute delight to introduce you to our first Baby Bath Towel in the Mini Minx Collection!

Mini Minx Baby Bath Towel

Creating beautiful quality, fun and stylish bath products has always been our priority at Sunday Minx. The arrival of our first bub opened my eyes to a new world of product needs and wants that would deliver the care, pampering and functionality that we desired for our bundle of deliciousness. It also sparked the idea of expanding our product range to cater for the smallest of stylish folks and taking our brand philosophy to a new audience.

It was really important that I created a product that delivered:

  • Incredible softness - Bubs want to be wrapped in warmth and softness after their bath. Sunday Minx uses 100% Turkish cotton ensuring all of our towels are made with the finest and softest cotton available. To add another level of luxury, one side of our Mini Minx towel is velour giving a velvety soft touch.
  • Hooded design - Not only is a hooded baby towel incredibly cute, but it is also the perfect way to keep our little ones warm and cosy.
  • Generously sized - Babies come in all shapes and sizes so our large sized towel caters for everyone. Our little lady is exceptionally tall and has a good layer of chub too! She is still using her Mini Minx Baby Towel at 14months old.
  • Playful pattern - fun designs are what Sunday Minx is all about!!! Combining a playful animal print with calming, neutral tones of crisp white and caramel were the perfect combination for our Wild Child print.

Never before have rituals become so important. Our bath ritual is one of our favourite times of day to watch our little lady as she splishes and splashes with delight, plays with her toys and creates tidal waves larger than should be possible!

Having a beautiful soft towel as part of this ritual completes it perfectly.

We look forward to hearing about our tribe of Mini Minx munchkins enjoying their daily bath ritual and being wrapped in Mini Minx luxury.

Happy Splashing!

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