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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

We are fortunate to meet some AWESOME people through our work who truly make each interaction so enjoyable through their passion, creative thinking and like-minded spirit.

We recently met the wonderful Maddison Miles, Creative Director of RMCBuild who exudes such a fun and positive energy that you just know she loves what she does.

As a specialist in Digital Designs and Interior Selections, we wanted to get to know more about Maddison, the work she does, what drives her and importantly pick her brains about current trends and bathroom tips ...

How long have you been an interior stylist and creating beautiful spaces?
I wouldn’t say I am an Interior stylist- more of a “creative” as I feel I am a collective of all design fields. 

I have a background in Fashion Design and previously worked as a design teacher in high schools for around 5 years. When my husband decided to become a builder and start his own Building company after 14+ years of being a carpenter, I also made the decision to come onboard with him and that’s where I began my new creative journey.

Our building company is called RMCBuild and I have been involved for around 2 years, coming into my third year! For digital design - I have only been creating digital renders/designs for the past year, coming into my second year now.  

You are known for your fab digital design skills - how has this helped differentiate you as a stylist? 
Oh gosh thank you! I feel this has been a valuable tool for myself, my clients and of course builders and all our trades. By having my designs in a digital form gives our clients and our trades guidance and security that the projects plans, the style and finishes match the overall vision. I also create 3D renders which is a 3D video walk through of any space, which gives you a virtual perspective before the project even starts. I believe this has been such a visual communicator for everyone involved in the project. 

Do you have a favourite style at the moment?
Modern Coastal / Boho is my ultimate favourite style as you will see this style is enriched in all my designs for our clients. It’s a light and airy style that encapsulates a warm and calming feeling. 

I love using neutral tones to a space but highlight with a statement plant (palms are my fave or dried palms). I love using natural materials in this style being concrete products, jute rugs, sheer curtains, textures throughout and soft neutral colours. This style also cultivates using lighter oak timbers, raffia wall placements, lots of windows/glass for natural lighting and the ability to put warm lighting where possible in rattan light pendants, light fixtures/down lights ect.

Whilst I love this look, we have just taken on a new exciting project with a completely different vision and style that I am not used to. I'm really looking forward to expanding my design concepts to new areas and challenging myself ... Watch this space!! 

What trends have you noticed becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms?
I feel like modern coastal/boho is becoming more popular in bathrooms as it is such a light and airy feeling to a space but also encapsulates LUXURY! I always try to envision walking into a space like it’s a luxurious holiday and how that space would make me feel. 

What are your Top 5 tips for decorating a bathroom?
    1. Less is more, not to over style a space- Keep it minimal.
    2. Use nature to add life to a room - go outside, take a clipping off a tree that could be even in your backyard - it is such an inexpensive addition yet can make transform a room. Dried leaves are also my fave to add to a space - any neutral colours are just divine. 
    3. Soft furnishings add texture to a room, We just adore our new Sunday Minx Gypsy range Bath Towels. They have been the perfect colours/neutral tones for my style when putting together our bathroom spaces. 
    4. Lighting!! I will always add mood “warm” lighting to our bathroom spaces - I love using LED strip lighting to add glow to a space and create that LUXURY feeling that I always want to encapsulate.
    5. Using quality products such as Al.ive Body hand and body range - or any soap bottle that has those unique warm colours/neutral tones. I also like to find and use Australian products - always love to honour and support Australian local businesses.  

    Can you share some of the recent projects you have been working on? What are the challenges and moments of delight you have experienced in these projects?
    Last year we completed an exciting Duplex project that was a complete knock down and rebuild. We also had full house renovations, with smaller projects in-between like small bathroom renovations etc. Every project presents their challenges along the way, but that’s when it comes to my 3D renders/drawing and referring back to these to eliminate any issues. During the construction of our projects, these renders also provide a clear indication where I would like certain products and materials and they always detail measurements/ placements of tapware etc to eliminate any grey areas. I feel like visual communication is key and if you have clear communication with your project there is little or no area for confusion.

    Moments of delight are when you can see all your visions coming to reality. I often find myself tearing with happy tears or can't wipe the smile off my face seeing a project you have been working so hard on come to life. The moment you're able to show your client through a space you have worked so closely with and to see their faces of joy and happiness is something that always stays with myself and my husband during and after a project. 

    I am so lucky and humbled to also have my wonderful, talented builder husband Robby.  He really is the brains behind the build of all our projects. Robby is really a detailed craftsman that takes so much pride in a finished, quality product for our wonderful clients to enjoy. So much joy also comes from our talented RMC team behind us as without them we wouldn’t be able to create all our visions! It’s an incredible feeling when all the trades and ideas align and we can complete our projects with these incredible high-quality spaces that we can truly be proud of! 

    Finally, some quick-fire questions to cover the important stuff ...

    Summer or winter? SUMMER
    Vino or cocktail? COCKTAIL FOR SURE!!
    Bright colours or neutrals? NEUTRALS
    Spirit animal? WOLF 
    Dream holiday destination? MALDIVES
    Shower or bath? BATH 
    Favourite Sunday activity? BEACH WITH MY FAMILY


    Thanks for sharing your story with us Maddison! 

    Want to see more from Maddison and the RMCBuild team? Be sure to follow Maddison on Instagram for her latest stories, updates and reveals ... it is always a visual treat we promise!

    A special thanks too for these amazing photos! Credits below:
    Photographer: @theluminousstudio
    Build: @r_m_c_build
    Digital designs/selections: @rmccreative
    Shoot location/renovation: @carinya_house

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