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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

With more than 95 million new images added every day, it is no surprise that Instagram is an amazing source for interior inspiration and product discovery.

There are many social media cynics, yet the connections this medium has provided to a small business like Sunday Minx is invaluable ... and quite frankly we love it!

From watching global decor trends, to following the work of our favourite interior designers, Instagram gives a unique insight into the interiors world from the comfort of your lounge/office/train/bedroom.

Better still we love seeing our amazing customers share pics of their gorgeous new Sunday Minx Bath Towels proudly displayed in their stylish bathrooms. Instagram truly offers something for everyone and has taught us a lot about what consumers are looking for.

This got us thinking ... which rooms in the home lead the charge when it comes to #roomgoals #dreamhome ???

Drum roll please ...

Source: The Lux Pad


Kitchens take out 1st place, Silver goes to Bedrooms and in a glorious 3rd position are our beloved Bathrooms! 

As ambassadors for all things #bathrooms, #bathtowel and #bathroombliss related, we wanted to know what it takes to get a great bathroom snap that will ensure lots of ❤️❤️❤️ are coming your way and hopefully push Bathrooms up the ranks in the Battle of the Rooms.

We asked the experts and have gathered 5 tips from two of our wonderful friends - Nigel Lough of Nigel Lough Photography and Joanna from We The Spies. Both are talented photographers with an eye for detail and knowledge of what it takes to get that #winning shot.


1/ Light 
Nigel recommends using natural light through windows rather than tungsten light to get the best result. Joanna agrees and advises strategically picking a time of day when the light is going to work to your advantage. What time of day does the light pour through your window? Is the light soft or harsh? To create a softer light, use sheer curtains to diffuse the light. Alternatively, get creative and use shutters or blinds to create interesting shadows for detailed shots. A well lit bathroom enhances the clean, fresh, luxe vibe that we all want our dream bathroom to have.

2/ Pretty Mess vs Not-So-Pretty Mess
Both gurus advise knowing the difference between clutter and styling! Joanna has a quick checklist: Hang a towel effortlessly over your bathtub, put the toilet seat down and wipe down the mirror! It will make all the difference to your snap. 
Sweet talking a friend who loves interiors and has an eye for styling can also be a great source of help according to Nigel. Alternatively check out the latest interiors magazines to see how they do it.

3/ Reflections
There are a lot of reflective surfaces in your bathroom. To avoid being spotted in your snap, watch for mirrors & shower screens.

 4/ Angle
Joanna finds positioning yourself at the furthest corner of the bathroom or even just outside the door gives depth to a small space. Also try to snap from a semi-high angle if you want to create height. 
Nigel's tip is to make sure your iPhone is perpendicular to the floor for long lines.
Play with both approaches to discover which works best for your space.

5/ Editing
Keep your image bright and slightly contrasted. Also, try adjusting the temperature to remove any unwanted cool or warm tones. Joanna's recommended iPhone editing app is VSCO.


If you would like to see more of the inspiring work Joanna and Nigel create, be sure to follow @wethespies , @shethespy and @nigelloughphoto
Now you have all the tips we want to see more inspiring bathroom pics ... especially with Sunday Minx Towels in them! Be sure to tag us so we can share your talents and bathrooms just like these happy customers.



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