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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

Our friends at Northern Rivers Bathroom Renovations have been at it again! They are the masters of transforming ordinary, out-dated bathrooms into modern, sleek and incredibly stylish bathroom spaces.

Their latest project was a home in Ballina on the far north coast of NSW. Ballina is a beautiful part of the world with a coastal charm and relaxed way of life.

Allow us to show you the before ...

The bathroom consisted of modest blue floor tiles and cream fixtures. Frosted glass shower screens closed in the space and the wall storage unit created unnecessary bulk.

Are you ready to see the magic created by the team at Northern Rivers Bathroom Renovations ....

Ta daaaa!!

WOW WOW WOW! What a transformation. The space is now fresh, open and modern. White and charcoal compliment each other perfectly and the clear glass shower makes the room look large and spacious.

Clever wall insets allow for neat storage of essentially items whilst the large, deep draws of the vanity provide all the necessary storage space required.

But wait there is more ...

The toilet had been separated from the rest of the room with an additional wall. This automatically made the space smaller.

So what did NR Bathrooms do ...

Ta daaaaaa!!!!

Incredible! By removing the wall the space instantly doubles in size and gives significant floor space to enjoy. The two windows also allow extra natural light to flood the room and light it up.

The use of beautiful materials, a modern colour schemes and smart floor plan has made the old bathroom virtually unrecognisable.

We also love the styling and the perfect use of a pop of colour! Our Breakwater Bath Towels allow this bathroom to maintain a coastal theme, yet with a fresh, modern edge. Introducing colour gives your bathroom a touch of vibrancy and great contrast against neutral shades.

Well done NR Bathrooms - another incredible job! We can't wait to see what comes next.


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