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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

The changing seasons always bring with them new colour trends within the fashion and interiors worlds. Colours that reflect the moods of our surroundings and enhance our environment accordingly.

As Australia (finally!) can feel the cooler nights and crisp mornings approaching us, trend forecaster are buzzing with a change in the air. Winter is coming!

For the past few years ink blues, mustards and deep burgundy have been the winter colours of choice. Combined with materials of velvet, chunky woollen knits and faux fur - our homes have instantly been warmed with these beautiful shades.

2018 is seeing a shift and a new colour palette is leading the charge ... Winter Greens!

Maison et Objet - one of the world's largest Interior Design Fairs held in Paris each year - predicted our continued love of all things nature. Bringing the outside in and embracing the calming, soothing effects of being surrounded by earth's natural colours is having a profound impact on seasonal colour trends.

From dark forest greens to shades of fir, eucalyptus and sea greens - more and more greenery is slowly creeping into our homes.

Those who follow Three Birds Renovations will have seen green make an appearance in the first reveal of Bonnie's Dream House. In our opinion Bon is a styling superstar, so if she has picked a splash of green for her own home, we know it is a winner!

Three Birds Renovations

As bathrooms lovers, Sunday Minx has noticed Winter Greens making an appearance in stylish bathroom spaces too.

Committing to every seasonal trend can be risky ... and expensive! Renovating your bathroom with bold, on-trend tiles just isn't practical or financially efficient! What happens when the next season knocks on our door and brings with it new styles, moods and colours? Dial the tiler?? I don't think so.

The beauty of soft furnishings is their ability to transform a space with little effort and minimal investment. A splash of colour or pattern can be introduced to your home with the click of an online store button.

Enter ... The Webster Bath Towel!

We have always loved The Webster, however he is proving to be a huge hit and THE towel of the season. With his emerald hues and crisp, white, art deco inspired pattern, The Webster is the perfect way to introduce greenery to your bathroom this winter.

Sunday Minx Webster Bath Towel

The Webster comes in a generously sized Bath Towel, Hand Towel and stylish Bath Mat with matching trim - we guarantee wall to floor perfection!

Sunday Minx Webster Bath Towels

Enjoy making changes to your home to get it ready for the cooler nights, hearty meals and weekends spent snuggling on the lounge. Perhaps a touch of green is just what your home is calling for.


Images: Three Birds Renovations & Pinterest

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