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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

Everyone loves a sparkling clean bathroom. Crisp tiles, shiny mirrors and a glistening basin. Yet the chore of bathroom cleaning would be high on the list of most dreaded household tasks! We groan, we procrastinate and we despair at how regularly this horrid task appears yet again on the to-do list.

Fear not! Sunday Minx is a brand that is both playful AND practical. We take an unpretentious approach to life and recognise that even cleaning advice can be well received.

Glamourous – no.
Helpful – Yes!

Try these easy tips to help maximise the lifespan of your sparkling clean bathroom.

Create Order
Before the scrubbing and mopping even begins, creating order in your bathroom is key. Keep your counter clear and throw out empty containers and bottles you don’t need. Try stacking your grooming products into neat groupings that are easy to access, yet out of sight. Many of you will be surprised by how many half empty bottles and samples you have accumulated!

Hand Wash
Get rid of your soap bar at the sink and opt for a Hand Wash instead. Immediately you will eliminate soap dishes, pooled water and soapy residue that comes from the dreaded soap bar. Your basin will look streamlined and your scrubbing time just halved. Check out our Top 10 Hand Wash review for our pick of the best around!

Fight Moisture
Moisture is your greatest enemy. It creates the nasties we spend time scrubbing away. Try to reduce the amount of moisture created in your bathroom by opening the window or turning on the fan. Your cleaning efforts will last much longer.
Hang Them Up
Opt for Towel Bars over Towel hooks. Your towels will dry faster, look tidier and require washing less frequently. Towel bars allow your towels to become a decorative feature in your bathroom too. Why not add some Sunday Minx bold colours and geometric prints from our Luxury Bath Collection to really add style to your room.
Quick Fix
Try keeping some disinfectant wipes under the vanity. Whilst they will never replace the quality of a good bathroom scrub, they will help to quickly remove toothpaste spills or shaving cream before they dry and require extra elbow grease to remove.
Hand Towels are a hard working product! Given we use them far more frequently than our Bath Towel we should have our Hand Towels on high rotation. Consider getting an additional Hand Towel next time you buy a new Towel Set.

If you have a family of boys or a tribe of youngsters, chances are cleaning the bathroom is a natural pastime for you! However, with these small tips we hope you gain enough time back to momentarily have a cuppa and put your feet up whilst admiring your glistening bathroom from afar.

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