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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

"Gasp! These towels are SO soft!!!"
This is possibly the most common comment we hear from our delightful customers, stockists and even guests in our own home.

Sunday Minx towels ARE amazingly soft. We are incredibly proud of our product and took much time and care in selecting the right cotton, manufacturer and finishing process to give you the very best bath towel we could create.

As more and more people discover Sunday Minx - both locally in Australia and international markets such as the USA - we are asked many questions about how our towels are made, what they are made of and how they differ from other towel brands.

We all like to know what we are purchasing and the quality of product we choose to wrap ourselves in each and every day.

Enjoy indulging yourself in a Sunday Minx 101 on towel manufacturing and cotton selection below ...


What cotton do you use?
Sunday Minx uses 100% Turkish cotton. This is a premium cotton produced and grown in a small region of the Aegean part of Turkey.  

Turkish cotton is known for its intense softness without processing techniques.  It has more threads than other cottons giving more absorbency.

Towels made with 100% cotton will never be as soft as 100% Turkish cotton! Make sure you don't confuse the two.

Read more about the benefits of Turkish cotton at our blog post ✗ TURKISH LUXURY.


What are velour towels?
Velour is a process, not a fibre. A number of towel brands use this finishing process by shaving off the top of the cotton loops on one side of the towel to give a soft velvety finish. Velour is in fact the french word for Velvet.

Velour isn't made for drying. This process makes the towel very soft to lie on, however water will literally roll off the velour side of a towel as the absorbency qualities have been shaved away.

Sunday Minx is dedicated to producing an exceptional bath towel experience. The primary function of our bath towels is to dry us - quickly and efficiently if possible - thus we produce Terry Towels made with 100% Turkish cotton to deliver to you a luxuriously soft AND highly absorbent towelling product.


So what are Terry Towels?

Terry Towels are manufactured by linking thousands of tiny cotton loops together to create the towel surface. Each loop absorbs several times its weight in water - ideal for drying large surfaces quickly.

When combined with the qualities of 100% Turkish cotton, we believe that Sunday Minx Bath Towels encompass the very best techniques and materials.


Are your towels Turkish Towels?
Our towels are made with 100% Turkish cotton, however are not to be mistaken with Turkish Towels - also known as Peshmetal, Hammam or Fouta towels.  These towels are very thin, lightweight and perfect for travelling.

They are however are very different drying experience and not often used as a Bath Towel. 

You can be assured that Sunday Minx Bath Towels are thick, fluffy, soft and ultra absorbent. A truly delightful experience!


If you ever have any further questions about our beautiful products please don't hesitate to contact us at and we will gladly assist.

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