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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

It comes as no surprise that Subway tiles originate from the walls of the Subway Stations of New York City. As far back as 1904 these stylish, ceramic rectangles have been creating clean lines and sophisticated simplicity in interiors worldwide.

Aesthetically pleasing for use in both the bathroom and kitchen, the classic design of the Subway tile has been widely adopted within interiors globally. Despite their age, these tiles maintain a modern, fresh edge. Some would say they are ageless and provide renovators with a tile choice that will deliver longevity and ongoing style.

Subway Tile Bathrooms

White tiles with white grout are seamless and clean, whilst the increasingly popular technique of using dark grout around white tiles provides a contrast that both accentuates and highlights the shape of the subway brick.

Subway Tile Kitchens

Perhaps we won’t be so quick to turn up our noses at public transport in the future - who knew it would be a source for timeless interior inspiration!

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