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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

Netflix has been feeling neglected this week since the return of The Block on Channel 9! Getting my nightly fix of renovation goodness has filled my soul with happiness as I applaud, judge, make notes and chuckle at the successes and failures that each couple delivers.

We certainly started with a BANG too as Main Bathrooms were assigned as the first week of work at The Gatwick. Welcome to The Block folks! 

Over the past few days I've been asked countless times what I thought of the final reveals - having seen a bathroom or two in my day - so I have enjoyed indulging in the reveals and adding my two cents worth where I can. Overall ... I was impressed!


This definitely took BOTD (Bathroom of the Day) for me! Well done chicks - what a stylish space. This bathroom is a magnificent example of how beautifully selected materials and contrasting textures just work. 

The room is very simple and uncluttered, yet ticks all the boxes. That timber ceiling is pure magic!!! Such elegant detailing. Combined with the stone feature wall, this bathroom stole the show for me and I believe deserved to win.

Whilst I appreciate and applaud the largely monochrome colour palette, I will always love a subtle pop of colour and genuinely think a small injection of green would balance this bathroom perfectly. Call me bias ... but I think our Webster Bath Towels would have answered the brief and added that extra wow.  

Minx Mark = 1st!



These guys took the win for Bathroom week - impressive!

As a Bath Towel guru, I firstly have to applaud Courtney and Hans for their bold and contemporary Bath Towel selection. They may not be Sunday Minx Bath Towels, but I recognise a quality designed towel when I see one and these beauties from Fenton and Fenton once again prove a Bath Towel can be a real design asset in a stylish bathroom.

For my personal taste, this bathroom is VERY white and very bright and doesn't exude the calmness that some of the other bathrooms created.

However, having studied the characteristics of the Art Deco genre, the contemporary way that Courtney and Hans have incorporated terrazzo tiles into their build is very clever. Terrazzo and Art Deco go hand in hand and this couple have found a very subtle way to pay homage to the original building without compromising the modern look they are clearly going for.

Minx Mark = 3rd



These two self confessed QLD bogans are just quality people! With their can-do attitude, ability to have a laugh and general larrikin nature, they really stepped up and created a truly beautiful bathroom for their penthouse.

The maple tree is the hero and oozes elegance and refined sophistication. I love it when a vision and some persistence comes together and delivers.

The colour pallet is muted and simple and evokes a calm, serene space. The small additions of black through the tapwear, egg-cup stool and window frames provides an extra layer of luxury.

I still chuckle to myself knowing they CARRIED this bath upstairs thinking it was stone. I love a rookie error, but this one raised an eyebrow! The overall effect though is stunning and is up there with my favourite for the dreamy, day-spa appeal they created.

Minx Mark = 2nd



This bathroom is very sleek and very modern, yet lacking some character and personality. I'm quite divided - at times it feels cold and clinical, whilst other times I reflect on the simplicity and clean lines.

Perhaps a bath in a contrasting colour?
Perhaps a tasteful artwork on the wall?

I was most surprised by the poor workmanship in aligning tiles given Spence reminds us regularly that he is a perfectionist and has a good dose of OCD. Yet I also think this demonstrates the intense pressure and unpredictable nature of The Block. Well Done guys for presenting a room!

Minx Marking = 4th



These two are going to provide the drama, the tears, the bold statements you live to regret and the overall rollercoaster of emotions that every season must have!

I thought the judges' comments were harsh despite not being a huge fan of this bathroom myself. The green wall overpowered the room and yes the styling was poor, however there was also a lot to enjoy.

The traditional light fixtures and the gold tapwear are actually very tasteful if that is the direction they choose to take their apartment in. Contemporary apartments may be encouraged, however I dare say the market for a tastefully renovated, heritage inspired abode will still score well on auction day.

The big lesson for this bathroom is 'less is more'! A statement as grand and bold as a green wall is just too overpowering for this room and as a result carries everything down with it.

Chin up folks - I've no doubt the confident egos will be back by the end of the week!

Minx Marking = 5th


With so much to say after just one week, I can already tell this is going to be a brilliant season of highs and lows and rooms that wow! 

Don't forget - the little touches in a bathroom make all the difference and investing in quality Bath Towels not only adds a sense of luxury, but will also ensure you feel indulgent in this room in the house. 

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