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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

Art Deco lovers ... have you noticed the major comeback that Terrazzo is having on the interior world this year? We are seeing it everywhere and LOVING it!!

"Long used as only a floor covering, this material created in ancient times is back in force and is scattering objects and furniture with its speckled charm." - Maison & Objet

Terrazzo flooring is synonymous with the Art Deco era and is once again making its comeback into stylish homes globally. Originating in Italy over 500 years ago, the scattering of marble chippings into concrete was initially created to reuse the scrap pieces of rock. The end result is truly spectacular with no two pieces of terrazzo being the same.

It is easy to see why the speckled colour is so visually appealing and versatile. Once used only for floors, it can now be seen on walls, splashbacks, kitchen benchtops, tables, ornaments and light fixtures. Makers are now even experimenting with this look in soft furnishings for the home - the list is endless.

Our Bath Towel designs reflect the patterns and motifs of the Art Deco era, so it seemed fitting as we approach the festive season to create Gift Packs that compliment this theme and give our beloved customer's something new and unique.

Introducing ... Fazeek Home Handmade Designer soaps!

The beautiful team at Fazeek specialise in handmade vegan soaps that ooze sophistication and style. They are inspired by architecture, interiors and design with great effect. When we discovered their Terrazzo soaps ... we just knew it was a match made in heaven!

Playfully sprinkling soap chips made of natural clays, the end result is a striking imitation of a terrazzo tile. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Each of our Splish Splash Gift Packs includes a Hand Towel and Terrazzo soap creating the perfect Art Deco inspired bundle of goodness and a unique way to bring the terrazzo trend into your home effortlessly ... and without having to lay a concrete slab!

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