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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

Without a doubt tile selection in a newly renovated bathroom is one of the major make or break style elements. Tiles can be the deciding factor between a nice bathroom and a WOW bathroom - and we all know which one we want to achieve!

With so many tile choices available it can be overwhelming to know which direction to take. Colour, size, style, pattern, quality ... the list of options is endless often creating looks of terror on the faces of rookie renovators.

Never fear ... Sunday Minx chatted with our friends at Di Lorenzo Tiles (aka The Tile Queens in our opinion!) and found out the latest trends and handy tips to keep in mind when planning your bathroom space.

Di Lorenzo Tiles is a family owned and operated business based in NSW. With five stunning showrooms to visit, we promise you will be blown away with the quality and unique styles of the tiles they have on offer. They are truly beautiful!

Each year the Di Lorenzo family fly back to Italy to attend the annual Tile Trade Show in Bologna (what a delight!) Whilst on this trip the team carefully curate the latest looks, products and themes they believe will enhance Australian homes and offer something unique to the market.

We spoke with Tina Di Lorenzo to learn more about their wonderful business and the latest in tile trends based on her extensive knowledge.

How did Di Lorenzo initially start as a business? 
Our parents originally started the business 35 years ago. An opportunity arose for them to purchase a very small existing tile shop – it was a risk for them at that time in their lives, however looking back they would do it all again.  They have since retired and the next generation have gladly taken on the business ownership.

What does Di Lorenzo look for when seeking new tiles for your showrooms? 
We look for tiles which are a little unique than your average tile. We want a point of difference and customers are often looking for something special. 

Where do you source your tiles from? 
We mainly source from Italy on our annual Tile Trade visit, however we also stock beautiful products from Spain and Portugal that meet the Di Lorenzo quality and design test.

What tile trends in bathrooms are timeless? 
The use of subways and natural stone mosaics, like Carrara or Calcutta with use of other textures like timber vanities always make for a timeless look.

What are the latest, exciting and unique trends you are seeing in bathroom tiling? 
We are seeing a lot of decoration, which is great!  Customers are definitely being more adventurous when it comes to selecting tiles.  Larger format tiles, terrazzo and concrete tiles are also trending right now. We are also seeing a definite move to darker stone look tiles compared to the lighter stones that have been so popular for so long. 

How do you balance bold, patterned tiles so they don't overpower a space? 
It is always good to balance a bold pattern with white or neutral colours, and avoid using pattern everywhere.  If you have a patterned floor, keep the walls neutral.  Or if you have a very decorative feature wall, let that be the hero, and balance this with neutral walls and floors. 

Best tip to make a bathroom look bigger? 
Keep it simple, the use of large scale mirrors, white tiles on wall and good lighting all help to make a space feel lighter and larger. Larger format tiles, which allow for less grout joints also help in making the space feel less cluttered.

What is your absolute favourite tile currently in your showrooms? 
Our 2 collaborations with Jason Grant and Steve Cordony are definitely 2 of my favourites. Jason’s collection in a range of gelato colours is fresh and beachy while Steve’s collection of marble mosaics is very timeless, moody and luxe.


Business tip: You are a family business - What is the highlight of working together as a family unit? 
We love working together!  We all do have very different roles in the business and we have the utmost respect for each other and each of the other’s role in the business. We wouldn't have it any other way.


So if you are renovating or building and in need of some inspiration or style advice, we highly recommend a visit to one of the Di Lorenzo Tiles showrooms. The love, passion and extreme care they have for both their products and their customers is indisputable. Plus your bathroom will certainly have that WOW factor you are seeking!

Oh and don't forget the final touch ... a Sunday Minx Bath Towel will be the cherry on top!

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