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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

Sunday Minx is committed to superior quality.  
Above all else, we want our products to enhance your everyday living, to put a smile on your face and reward you every time you use them.  We strive to deliver both functionality and on-trend designs every time.

Since launch we have been asked many questions about the journey of creating our products - so today we thought we would share with you some of the behind-the-scenes ventures that were vital in the creation of our first range...

The design process is always a delight - creating mood boards, pouring over Pantone colour swatches, absorbing yourself in amazing books and journals that detail design history and influences. It is the only time I allow my office to become organised chaos as it is so inspiring to look around and be surrounded by ideas and themes coming together.  Yet it is very easy to get caught in the 'pretty' and forget about the 'function'. Before embarking on the design process, Sunday Minx stayed true to our goal of finding superior materials that would ensure we delivered products of the highest quality.

Finding a manufacturer we could work with who would create super-soft, luxurious and highly absorbent towels was our priority. The only way to truly find what was on offer was to jump on a plane to Europe and meet manufacturers directly! A tough gig but someone had to do it!

Frankfurt was our location and the annual Heimtextil Trade Show was the destination. 1000s of manufacturers showing their best wares in one location throughout 8 enormous halls. It was an astounding experience and a small insight into the breadth of the textile manufacturing world.

Turkish cotton was on top of the search list and we wanted to learn more about this beautiful material. 

Our Top 5 tips and learnings about Turkish Cotton are:

  1. SOFTNESS - this premium cotton has extra long fibers resulting in smoother cotton threads. 
  2. ABSORBENCY - With high thickness and long cotton loops, water will easily be pushed off your skin and absorbed by the towel.
  3. NATURAL - our towels are 100% Turkish cotton therefore are made with 100% natural fibers.
  4. QUICK DRYING - Turkish cotton dries incredibly quickly preventing dampness and mildew.
  5. DURABLE - Turkish cotton is highly durable and is becoming the cotton of choice for textiles in a number of world class hotels.

So the decision was made - with Turkish cotton providing the perfect balance between absorbency and softness and being synonymous with luxury cotton products - there was no other choice!  A partnership was formed with an incredible textile manufacturer located in Turkey with decades of experience in the sector and a keen eye for detail and pushing the boundaries.

It has been an incredibly rewarding process and we are confident that the final product reflects the thought and attention we placed into finding superior quality. We look forward to allowing you to wrap yourself in luxury and experience the difference for yourself.



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