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Posted by Brooke Rudzis on

Purchasing Bath Towels should be a much more considered purchase than just what colours you like. Whilst towels are an everyday essential, many people forget to consider the various elements that distinguish a good towel from an average towel.

To help you in your education process, our friends at Zanui put together a fantastic guide with everything you need to know when buying new Bath Towels ... with a little bit of help from yours truly!

There is more to consider than meets the eye - materials, finishes, weight and GSM, size, colour and the best way to look after your towels.

The full and comprehensive guide can be read and enjoyed on the Zanui blog: Reservoir 60.

A few of our key takeouts from the guide include:

“Turkish cotton is incredibly soft and gets softer with every wash. The feeling of a thick, soft towel after a shower is a delight to the senses, but just as important is a towel’s ability to dry you! The long fibres make Turkish cotton extremely absorbent, drawing water off the skin effortlessly and quickly.”


All Sunday Minx bath towels are terry towels, meaning they are woven with cotton loops on both sides of the towel. “This is what gives the feeling of a thick, soft, and fluffy towel! Velour towels have had these cotton loops shaved on one side, creating a super-soft, velvety touch. Velour towels have a beautiful, luxurious sheen, however when it comes to their ability to dry…they don’t! The cotton loops are the hard workers of a towel. They absorb all the moisture from the skin, so without the loops you simply move the water across your skin as you towel off.”

“The higher the GSM, the thicker the towel. The thicker the towel, the longer it takes to dry!” This is very important to keep in mind. Look for that in-between, mid-range weight for a towel that’s sufficiently absorbent, but which still has enough breathing room that it dries quickly.

“There is a misconception that only cheap, poor quality towels will shed. This isn’t true. High quality towels will often use natural fibres – such as the Turkish Cotton that Sunday Minx uses. As part of the natural fibre shedding process, loose fibres will drop in the first 3-4 washes. Gents with facial hair – be prepared for some beard fluff in the first few uses – my husband learnt the hard way! In most cases, after a few washes your towels will have completed the shedding process and be in perfect condition.”


A big thanks to Zanui for creating this fantastic guide for customers who want to make informed decisions and get the most of their Bath Towel purchase.

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