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Our Story

Brooke Rudzis founder of Sunday Minx

Sunday Minx lives by the mantra “Home is where the good life begins…” creating superior quality Bath Towels for every stylish home.

With an unpretentious approach to design, love of bold colours and prints and a commitment to European quality craftsmanship, Sunday Minx delivers Bath Towel products that are a pure delight to the senses.

Established in 2015, Sunday Minx is a proud Australian company blending fresh, modern designs that reflect the Australian lifestyle with a pinch of international elegance.
Wrap yourself in luxury and allow Sunday Minx to simply enrich daily living.

Brooke Rudzis is the drive and creative force behind Sunday Minx.

Following 10 years experience in the dynamic world of sales, marketing and advertising, Brooke’s passion and creative flair led her to throw away the corporate life and dive head first into creating a brand she is intensely proud of.
A self-proclaimed beach bum, sweet-tooth addict and adventure lover, Brooke is always on the move looking for inspiration, new experiences or proudly accompanying her motorsport-career husband, Mr Minx, around the country for race meets!
“The feeling of wrapping yourself in a beautiful luxe bath towel at the end of a long day is one of life's simple pleasures. I want Sunday Minx to make this experience a daily ritual for all stylish and design savvy individuals.”
Brooke Rudzis