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Made with Turkish Cotton

Sunday Minx is committed to superior quality.

Bath Towels that feel as good as they look!
Finding the delicate balance between functionality and design is essential for creating designer Bath Towel products that will stand the test of time and deliver an amazing experience each and every day.
Sunday Minx only uses 100% Turkish cotton for our stunning Bath Towel products.
Searching far and wide for a premium, luxurious material, Turkish cotton was discovered for its many exceptional characteristics and drying capabilities.
NATURAL - Turkish cotton is made with 100% natural fibers.
SOFTNESS - This premium cotton has extra long fibers resulting in smoother cotton threads, creating an incredibly soft towel. You will feel the difference.
ABSORBENCY - With high thickness and long cotton loops, water will easily be pushed off your skin and effortlessly absorbed by the towel.
QUICK DRYING - Turkish cotton dries incredibly quickly preventing dampness and mildew.
DURABLE - Turkish cotton is highly durable and is becoming the cotton of choice for textiles in a number of world class hotels.
      Sunday Minx towels are unique in both design and construction and strive to deliver an extraordinary drying experience in your ordinary world.
      Wrap yourself in luxury and experience the difference for yourself.
      Can't wait to indulge in Turkish Cotton Towels?