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The Breakwater Hand Care Pack

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Your Hand Care Pack includes a Sunday Minx Breakwater Hand Towel made with 100% Turkish Cotton. Turkish Cotton is known for its incredible softness, absorbency and fast drying properties.

Our Breakwater Hand Towel is generously sized (40x75cm) featuring a striking Art Deco pattern in azure blue and crisp white.

Accompanying your Hand Towel is an amazing luxury hand sanitiser by H.A.N.D that has been thoughtfully made with 70% ethanol, Aloe Vera, Glycerine and Panthenol to keep your hands soft and hydrated. 

Choose from three stunning fragrances:

Mimosa & Lemon Myrtle - Mimosa has a slightly sweet, woody, green aroma and is known for its calming and uplifting well being benefits and its anti-inflammatory properties. Lemon Myrtle is said to be more powerful as an antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-fungal than Tee Tree. This fresh scent can uplift and soothe the body and mind. 

Ingredients - Alcohol (denat), Aqua, Aloe Vera juice, Glycerin (plant based, palm free), Lemon Myrtle essential oil, Mimosa essential oil, d-Panthenol.

Sandalwood & Cedarwood - Sandalwood has been used by the Indigenous people of Australia for thousands of years as an aromatic, medicine and food source, the scent of Sandalwood can be relaxing and grounding. Cedarwood is known for it's antibacterial  and antimicrobial qualities, Cedarwood's earthy scent can be grounding and help with emotional balance.

Ingredients - Alcohol (denat), Aqua, Aloe Vera juice, Glycerin (plant based, palm free), Cedarwood essential oil, Sandalwood essential oil, d-Panthenol.

Rose & Kunzea - Bulgarian Rose is used to hydrate and calm skin whilst also having antibacterial properties. This beautiful scent can help reduce stress and anxiety as well as boost your mood. Tasmanian Kunzea can calm inflamed skin and has antiseptic properties. The bracing scent can help relieve nervous tension. 

Ingredients - Alcohol (denat), Aqua, Aloe Vera juice, Glycerin (plant based, palm free), Bulgarian Rose Absolut, Kunzea essential oil, d-Panthenol. 


    Do your hands need some TLC? Our Hand Care Packs are designed to keep your hands looking, feeling and smelling amazing.

    Sunday Minx is delighted to partner with Have A Nice Day (H.A.N.D) Fragranced Sanitiser Scent who create sanitisers that keep your hands soft, hydrated and fragranced.

    Our Hand Care Packs allow you to wash your hands, dry them with our incredibly soft and absorbent Breakwater Hand Towel and spray with your chosen scented sanitiser. Your hands will never have felt better.

    Each Hand Care Pack includes:

    1 x Breakwater Hand Towel
    1 x 10ml H.A.N.D Sanitiser Scent - you choose your fragrance